Children’s Nutritional & Well-being Assessment

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Have a picky eater? Concerned about your child’s overall well-being? Want to make sure your Child is on the right track to support their growth and development? 


In this appointment we will cover:

Child’s current eating behaviour, development, overall health and any parental concerns.  Tools are then provided for both parents and children to develop a healthy and well balanced approaches to food within their household. We also specialise in how to navigate concerns regarding aversions, sensory based issues, also non - neurotypical needs and intolerances. 

We provide qualified paediatric trained nutritional advice and support for both the child and parent. So that the family can grow as a strong well supported unit. 

Additional services provided are as follows and can be discussed at initial appointment: 

- Intolerance Testing 

- TED Guidance

- Comprehensive Microbiome Testing 

Paediatric Nutrition is a strong area of passion and personalised experience for our trained professional team. An area that we understand that needs to be carefully nurtured and confidently supported.