Who is 'Actively Nourish'?


I’m Peta - Mum of 3, Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath, Nutritional Medicine practitioner, personal trainer and womens’ health advocate.

Like most Mums, I wear a few different hats each day. Be it school drop off, extra curricular activities, meal planning, clinic appointments, moving my body, training others to move theirs - I’ll be honest it’s a juggle!

This is why I understand how hard it can be to find time for yourself. How tricky it is to find the energy to show yourself kindness. To know your body is begging you for help, telling you that something is wrong but not having the tools or the energy to fix it.  

Helping women take control of their health, guiding them through the process of creating sustainable self care habits and looking after themselves even when life is at its most demanding. Helping YOU make it back onto your own priority list, that is my passion.

My goal is to help you let go of social pressures, stigmas and embrace your unique body. Embracing your own quirks and learning to lean in and listen rather than ignoring the signs in front of you. Not waiting until you are so run down you feel like you can’t function properly or you become unbearably unwell. 

Whether you know it yet or not, you do get to decide the health of your body.