Clinical Inital Appointment

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What to expect: 

  • Establishment of a client health and well-being portfolio over an extensive 90 minute appointment ( This can be done via zoom or Telehealth appointments as well) 
  • Thorough review of current and past health issues or concerns. 
  • Development of a initial core management plan to be implemented within a four week period. 
  • Supplementation / dietary outlines.
  • Educational reference resources.

please note if you require supplementation / or practitioner grade supplements they are at an additional cost. With all Actively Nourish nutraceuticals reduced at clinical client price discount. 

Our first appointment is about developing an understanding. Understanding your concerns, diagnosed or undiagnosed illness, desires and goals.

As clinical nutritionist and Nutritional medicine practitioners our core focus  is to support you and your health in a maintainable, non restrictive way. Where negative association with food isn’t implemented and positive influence is created. We want you to live your life in the healthiest and happiest way possible so with your help and our direction the journey is one you become excited about.  

You’ll walk away from this appointment feeling like you finally have the direction you needed and also the ability to have had concerns regarded and heard, whilst also knowing every factor is being taken into account to create a plan individualised to you and your bodies ultimate longevity and quality of life. 

All initial plans will be received within a 2 - 3 day time period via email to email address provided at consultation, unless stated otherwise. We recommend a follow up appointment for progression check to be booked 4 weeks after initial consultation. 

We offer a range of packages to suit your health and budget. If you are unsure, have any questions, or need an appointment outside of hours available  please don't hesitate to contact us on or 0467309009

NOTE: All plans must be implemented within the four weeks after appointment, if plans are not implemented within this period, due to the nature of health changing outside of that period then a appointment needs to be rebooked and new plan needs to be de devised and implemented. This new appointment will be at additional cost due to time spent in clinic and then devising an updated plan.