Fertility Package

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What to expect: 

  • Establishment of a couples health portfolio. 
  • Thorough review of current and past health issues or concerns. 
  • Pathology testing and review of results 
  • Development of a care management plan, nutritional plan and supplementation

Our first appointment is about developing an understanding. Understanding your concerns, diagnosed or undiagnosed illness, desires and goals. To better understand your journey, we will thoroughly discuss both of your medical histories and undergo a range of pathology testing.

4 weeks after the implementation of your care management plan, we will arrange a follow up appointment to discuss how you are travelling and any concerns or questions you may have. 

As a clinical nutritionist, Naturopath, Nutritional medicine practitioner, my core focus is to support you and your health in a maintainable, non restrictive way, get to know you both, so that your nutrition and health become familiar. Together, we can then clearly outline your needs and also desires for the direction of your fertility concerns.

Pathology Testing includes:

Full blood
Hormone plus Thyroid 
Free and total Testosterone
E2 (Oestradiol)

If you would like more information on whether this is the package for you, please don't hesitate to contact us at activelynourish@outlook.com or call us directly on 0403 247 649.