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Demanding mum life? Know perfection isn’t going to happen? I’ve got your back! 

jam packed full of nutrient density leaving your body getting full scope of essential macronutrients. This pack is everything you need to support, nurture and embrace everything that is motherhood!! Best but yet you’re saving yourself money! It’s a win, win!!! 

What’s in the pack? 

- 280g of RENEW, your little bit of morning daily magic that fights of oxidative stress ( aging, which kids are good at doing to us) supports your gut AND also meets your recommended daily fruit and veg target in 1 tsp. It also is full or prebiotic fibre, to keep those bowels regular 😉

- 400g of Lissome Bare Protein. This smooth plant based protein is gentle on the stomach, jam packed full of protein and can be double scooped for a nutrient dense meal, because let’s be honest the crust of kids sambos aren’t going to cut it when it comes to supporting your body! 

- 200g Naked Broth, This gut loving immune boosting, collagen building amino acid rich broth, is stand alone like a hug in a mug OR add some noodles, lean protein and Chinese greens and you’ve got a 2 minute lunch that warms your belly AND nourishes your body!!! 

I want to take the guess work out of what you need, make sure you support your own body AND have you feeling incredible again. Nutrient density is the key!!! 

Breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly! This package is everything you ever needed but just didn’t know it!