Ultimate Performance Nutrition Bundle

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Need all the things in the one bundle to get you set and ready to go? 

The ultimate performance nutrition bundle is literally EVERYTHING you need to walk into your workouts with and supplement your body’s goals! 

With Lissome Barre protein powder (400gm) our pure plant based protein powder, that contains 28g per serve of protein sourced from NON GMO Australian grown yellow pea and fava bean. this easily digestible, smooth protein will have your muscles  fuelled ( or refueled) at every step of the way! 

With your choice of our ignite or ignite + pre workout, (280gm) will allow you to train at maximum capacity and endurance, allowing you to build lean muscle at a more rapid rate, whilst also aiding your mental performance and recovery. 

Detoxify - The foundation setter, the one that clears prohibited pathways in your body, increases absorption ratios of nutrition and eliminates unwanted toxin overload in both the digestive tract and lymphatic system! This little secret weapon will have you feeling your best and lightest before you even step foot in the gym! 

Renew - (32 serves / 280gm) The daily all in one mitochondrial support that fills vital nutrient gaps whilst fighting of oxidative stress. It supports gastrointestinal mobility and microbiome balance. All the while giving your bodies PH a refresh! 

We’ve bundle all the best pure products in one discounted bundle so you save money whilst supporting your health! 

This bundle will also become one of the limited available through our new added value subscription service, which means you won’t even need to think about re ordering AND you’ll save yourself EVEN MORE MONEY in the process! 

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