What makes our supplements so different?

Here at Actively Nourish we have core ethics that are so important to us and hopefully you. 

1: We source 98% of our fresh produce used to make your powders from Australian organic and biodynamic farms. ( Even our medicinal mushrooms are Victorian and Tasmanian grown)  We believe that by supporting our farmers and traditional land owners, we support their families and culture and keep the industry strong here in our own country. From being raised on a self sufficient farm herself, Peta, values the need for more Australian farms and communities to be able to survive and thrive in today’s current climate. With Australia having some of the worlds toughest regulations surrounding chemical and GMO usage this allows actively nourish as a whole to provide the best quality low toxic formulations available on the market. BUT we didnt stop there!

2: In quality control, we test every batch of powder produced through a private testing facility in Sydney, NSW. This food testing facility uses enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and advanced state-of-the-art instrumental techniques including infrared (IR) spectroscopy. 

Precisely measuring and assuring us there is zero trace of: 

- Pesticides 

- Chemical Contaminants 

- Mycotoxins 

- Heavy Metals 

Secondary to this testing we also perform within our clinic, testing to every batch with  ‘dithazone’ testing. This testing allows us secondary assurance when it comes to high risk of contaminants products like the collagen in particular with heavy metals.  Although our collagen is Wild caught Australian and New Zealand ethically sourced collagen. We still worry about the oceans current high levels of mercury and mycotoxins. These are all things that we take seriously and that are important to us because we want you to be consuming the best possible quality when supplementing especially if you are a breastfeeding mother. 

3: All our packaging cylinders are biodegradable. With the lids being able to be put in your recycling and the cylinders and labels being able to be placed into your compost or worm farms. We will also be actively trying to become as sustainable and eco friendly as possible as our business and brand grows. 

4: Through Clinical consultation australia wide actively nourish can curate personal blends tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR bodies needs with a qualified practitioner. With all clinical clients also receiving client discounts on all products. 

Once covid allows us, we will be taking farm walks and putting faces to our traditional land owners and farmers. We pride ourselves on continuing to source seasonal and provide the best quality australian products on the market! 

We hope we align with your ethics as well and that you value the time we have spent creating a brand that is as conscious for your health as you are.